About Us

A Team of Professionals Dedicated to Optimizing Human Performance in Work, Sports and Daily Life.

California Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy is a locally owned, community-based therapy group. We have been established since 1987 and offer hands-on care and personalized rehabilitation programs to provide high quality healthcare to our patients.

Our physical therapists are highly credited professionals with a passion for quality care that results in superior outcomes for our patients. We are flexible and offer extended hours to accommodate our working patients. We proudly serve the community, supporting local professional and high school athletic teams.

We welcome you to visit one of our clinics for an evaluation by our expert therapists who can design a custom treatment program to help you start achieving your optimal fitness goals. We look forward to working with you!


“Very professional and friendly. They do an excellent job. Exceptional integrity.” – G.F.

“After seven knee surgeries and going to many physical therapy clinics, I feel that the therapists at Cal Rehab use a wide variety of approaches that haven’t been done in other facilities. They have really helped me with my flexibility and knee pain.” – Marc Newfield, Major League Baseball Player

“Thank you, my experiences here have been great! Extremely professional and understanding.” – V.J.

“I have been absolutely happy with the treatment and extremely satisfied with the outcome.” – M.S.

“It is my belief that the rapid and complete recovery that occurred after a massive rotator cuff was due to your diligence and program for recovery. Not only did you oversee the program in your facility but provided home therapy that was explained and taught in such a way that there was no confusion in the execution of the exercises. I wish to thank you very much and assure you that I will be happy to recommend your facility at any time. In my mind, on a 1-10, your staff and facility rate a 10+.” – D.B.

“I had a great experience. Thank you for giving me back my life. Great job.”

“I have enjoyed my visits to the office and I am very happy with the results I have achieved.” – E.S.