About Your Visit

At California Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy, we provide a comfortable, professional atmosphere where your feedback and questions are encouraged. Prior to your first visit we will do our best to verify your insurance coverage and deductible/co-pay information.

Appointment Times

We offer a wide spectrum of appointment times to accommodate individual needs. Please allow up to 1 1/2 hours for your initial evaluation and treatment. Subsequent visits typically last one hour. Most patients are seen 2 to 3 times per week during the early phases of treatment.

What to Bring

Prior to your visit, please download and complete the First Visit Form to bring to your initial appointment. You should also bring:

  • A written referral from a physician or dentist
  • Current insurance information and cards
  • A list of medications you’re currently taking
  • Loose-fitting clothes, appropriate for exercise (shorts are preferred for evaluation of knee patients and gowns are available for spinal patients)
  • Addition completed forms as necessary

Additional Forms:

Evaluations and Assessments
During the initial evaluation, your therapist will ask you to explain your issue and ask various questions to helps us to determine the cause of your problem. Measurements may also be taken to establish a baseline and to gain a full understanding of the impairment. Following the performance of an extensive and thorough evaluation, an assessment of your problem will be explained to you in detail. Questions will be answered and a treatment program will be developed specifically to meet your individual goals.

Treatment Programs

There are three typical phases to your treatment.

  1. The initial phase is to control pain and/or inflammation.
  2. The second phase is to stabilize and/or optimize movement (if appropriate) depending on the extent of your impairment.
  3. The final phase of care is active participation in your own recovery process through patient education and individually designed exercise and flexibility programs.

We believe in personalized hands-on treatment. Our goals are to educate patients about their diagnosis, prognosis, outcome and rehabilitation. We strive to assist them in achieving maximum level of performance in activities related to work, sport, leisure and daily life!