Post COVID Physical Rehabilitation (PACER Program)

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Our PACER Program (Post-Acute COVID-19 Exercise Rehabilitation) is designed to assist those patients who have gone through a COVID-19 infection and sustained significant impairment in muscle strength, cardiovascular issues, decreased lung capacity, pain and weakness causing balance, endurance,and altered walking abilities.  Our program includes:

  • Education
    • Assist the patient in the understanding of their condition and develop an individual plan
    • Educate in activity modification and energy conservation
  • Exercise Training
    • Upper and lower body strengthening
    • Aerobic conditioning
    • Stretching
    • Respiratory Exercises
    • Posture
    • Balance and positioning awareness
  • Treatment Components
    • Individualized evaluation and function assessment
    • Establishing a plan to address functional losses to include:
      • Manual therapy to assist with mobility of the spine, chest, and extremities

Cal Rehab Therapists have passed coursework and are specifically trained for the care of post COVID-19 patients through the American Physical Therapy Association. Our therapists will also work closely with your physician to ensure optimal outcomes following post-acute COVID-19 infections. For more information and locations, please click PACER Program.

Candidate for Post COVID Physical Rehabilitation?

Contact us today to find out if you are a candidate for Post COVID Physical Rehabilitation.